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How To Host a Blog Carnival Tutorial

April 29th, 2009 · No Comments

The Carnival of Homesteading is looking for carnival hosts for upcoming editions.  There are many benefits to hosting a carnival.

  • You a chance to meet and interact with many new bloggers in your niche.
  • You get a chance to read the articles that are submitted.
  • You get additional traffic to your site from people who have submitted articles.
  • You get links back to your site from everyone who participates.

Many people have inquired about exactly how you host a carnival.  What is involved and how much time does it take? The Carnival of Homesteading is hosted at BlogCarnival and so I thought I would write a short tutorial on how to host a carnival there.  BlogCarnival makes it really easy.

This tutorial is going to assume that you have contacted the owner of a carnival and have been approved to host a carnival.   The owner will set up your edition.

Sign Up at Blog Carnival

If you do not already have an account at Blog Carnival, sign up.


Log In Screen

Log In Screen










Click on the sign up link under the log in screen.


Sign Up Screen

Sign Up Screen



This will take you to the sign up screen where you should enter your email address and read the terms of service.  Once you have read the terms of service, click on I have read and agree.  Then click on Send.

BlogCarnival will send you an email with a link to set up your password.  Click on it and choose a password.

Announce Your Carnival

Shortly before the date of your edition, write a Blog Post announcing that you are hosting the carnival and asking for submissions.  This does not have to be a long post, it can be short and simple, just giving the date and a link back to the carnival that you are hosting.  

Read Submissions

Every time that someone submits an article for the carnival, BlogCarnival will send you an email.  It is much easier to read the article as they come in.  For The Carnival Of Homesteading, you will want to make sure that the article is related to the category or to Homesteading in general and that it is not strictly commercial.  Carnival readers want quality articles that give them information, not a link to a commercial.  

Get Ready to Post the Carnival

On the day before the carnival posts, BlogCarnival will send you a link to the InstaCarnival.  The InstaCarnival has all of the links to all of the articles that are submitted.  It also has the html code for more advanced users.  You can cut and past the articles or you can copy the html code and paste it into your blog.  




You will notice an Edit link just before the InstaCarnival.  If you click on it, you will get a screen that looks like this:


Edit Carnival Screen

Edit Carnival Screen

You will notice that each entry is color coded.  

  • Blue:  Article Author
  • Green:  Article Name
  • Pink:  Commentary on the article
  • Yellow:  link back to site

You will also notice that there are boxes for sort order, category,  and a link for spam.

To change the location of the post in the carnival, change the sort order.  You will need to determine where in the carnival that you want the post to fall and put a number in sort order that will put it there.  So if you want it to go after the post with the sort order of 20, you would change the sort order to 21.

To add or change a category.  Simply put the correct category into the category box.  You will also need too change the sort order to fall within that category.  If the first post in the category is 30 and the last post is 40, then you could change the sort order to 31 or 41.  

Spam:  If the article is strictly advertising something or is inappropriate, click on the spam button.  BlogCarnival will delete the article. 

Under each submission, there are boxes where you can edit the comments that are posted with each article.  If there are no comments, you might want to add a little something that describes the article. 

You can also change the author and the name of the article.  I don’t recommend doing this.  

When you have completed all of your changes, click on the Preview Draft button to see your changes.  You can then go back and make more changes or you can go ahead and cut and paste the carnival.

Post the carnival

Once you have completed your edits, you can cut and paste the carnival into your blog.   Due to the differences in blog software, I am going to leave that up to you.  

Make it GREAT!

When you paste the insta carnival into your blog, you can dress it up.  Add pictures or a theme.  You can introduce the carnival and you can write introductions for each category.  The more you add to it, the better the carnival will be. 

Editor’s Picks

If you are going to select certain articles to highlight, you will want to change their sort order in the instacarnival.  The carnival assigns a sort order of 10 to the first article.  You can move articles to the beginning of the carnival by changing the sort order to 1-9 and deleting the category.  This is a great way to really give some extra attention to your favorite articles.  

Let BlogCarnival know that the carnival is posted.

When you have posted the carnival, go back to BlogCarnival and select Edit This Edition.  Click on Already Posted and wait a few seconds.  BlogCarnival will automatically give you a box to put the URL for the edition.  Fill in the blanks and click Update.


And that’s all folks,  hosting a carnival is really not difficult.   If you have any questions, or if I have forgotten a step, please leave a comment.  And thanks to everyone who has offered to host the Carnival of Homesteading.

Upcoming Editions of the Carnival of Homesteading:

May 4th will be hosted at The Blogging Guy

May 18th will be hosted at Meadowwood Garden

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