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The Garden Tractor Runs Again

May 13th, 2009 · 1 Comment

About a month ago, I wrote about our little garden tractor blowing up.  It took a couple of weeks to find all of the parts we needed.  We bought the connecting rod on ebay for a song and finally found the oil seal on the extra parts shelf at a local parts company.

The tractor was made in the late 60s or early 70s and they quit making replacement engines years ago so finding parts can be a challenge.  The tractor came with a cute little cultivator and disc as well.  It has a little 3 point hitch to hook it all up.  We have to take the mower deck off to work it in the garden as the deck drags in the soft dirt.

But, after several attempts, the tractor is back together and running like a top!

Sears Suburban Garden Tractor

Sears Suburban Garden Tractor

That thing hooked to the back is a tiller.  It runs on it’s own engine.  We got a bit of a false start because we put all the gas into the tractor and didn’t have enough left to run the tiller.  We will be trying it again today and at least knocking back the wire grass and weeds in the garden.

I was surprised at how many of these little tractors are still around and still in working order.  It seems like most riding lawn mowers get trashed after just a few years.  This one was truly built like a tractor.   It has a high gear for mowing grass and a low gear for working in the garden.  For just having a little 12 hp engine, it has a lot of power.

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  • 1 Jack // Jan 23, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    I recently purchased a Allis Chalmer’s Homesteader 1970 8 HP. 3 forward one reverse w/ a plow. works great Has a great deal of power for plowing snow. I cannot wait to put it to work in the garden. Thing sat for 8 years in a garage so now to replace the belts,

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