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1001+ Uses For Vinegar

June 4th, 2009 · 2 Comments

I have been having a problem with lint accumulating on different clothing when we line dry them.  I researched the problem and learned that this often comes from a clogged filter in the washing machine.  The suggested remedy is a cup of white vinegar run through a cycle every month.  Now I knew that vinegar was good for coffee pots but I didn’t translate that to other appliances.

In my search, I found dozens of websites with hundreds of different uses for vinegar, everything from cleaning to health benefits to weight loss.   I have two tips for using vinegar. If you are cleaning, use white vinegar.  It is distilled and a stronger acidity.  It is clear and so there is no danger of staining.  For health benefits, organic apple cider vinegar is the recommended variety.  The organic type is often cloudy like good apple cider.  Don’t be afraid of it, the cloudiness comes from the apple particles that remain from the pressing process.  They are good for you and do not mean that the vinegar is spoiled.

To get you started, Bella Online has a recipe for making homemade apple cider vinegar.

Now on to the uses for vinegar:

Pioneer Thinking has a list of 60 Uses for Vinegar

This website has 131 Uses for Vinegar.  They also have them broken up into categories.

The Vinegar Institute has a section for Uses for Vinegar (89).

Planet Green has an article on 7 Green Beauty Uses for Vinegar

Suite 101 has a list of Health Benefits from Cider Vinegar

Associated Content has another article on the Health Benefits of Cider Vinegar

Fit Sugar has a list of 5 health benefits from Cider Vinegar

e-Articles has an article on the benefits and uses for Vinegar

Health Recipes offers more health benefits from Cider Vinegar

Vinegar tips is a whole website devoted to 1001 Uses for White Vinegar.  Be sure to check out the gardening tips.

The New Homemaker offers:  Vinegar: Almost the Only Cleaner You Will Ever Need.

Because You Value Your Body has 72 Little Known Uses of Vinegar

It seems that vinegar can be used for everything from curing a cold to killing weeds in the garden, from helping you lose weight to helping you absorb more minerals from your food.  You can use it to clean the kitchen, the bathroom, kill bacteria, degrease an engine and then take a bath in what’s left.  Name one other cleaner that can do all that?

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