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Homesteading Dangers

June 25th, 2009 · No Comments

Just like every occupation, there are some dangers built in.  Homesteading is not super dangerous but every once in awhile, I am reminded that it pays to be careful.  Here that means watching where you put your hands and feet.

We were cleaning out one of the sheds today and when we lifted up a board, Randy’s sharp eyes caught these little vistors.  I am pretty tolerant of snakes but after taking a closer look at this pair, they got the axe.  You could tell by there triangular head that they were poisionous.  These are Copperheads.

Good Snake?

Good Snake?

Copperheads account for the majority of the poisionous snake bites in the US.  Once these two were disturbed, their first reaction was to strike and then run.  According to the NC extension office, this behavior accounts for two things:  the high number of copperhead bites and the less serious nature of them.  Because they strike as a defense, they don’t inject much venom.  This makes their bites painful but not usually dangerous.

For me…. the only good copperhead is a dead copperhead.  If you ever have any doubt about whether a snake is poisionous or not, look at their head.  Pit vipers (rattlesnakes, copperheads and moccasins) have a defined triangular head with a pit behind their eye.  I don’t look for the pit because I am not getting that close but the head is usually very distinct from the body.

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