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Garden Gone Wild

August 28th, 2009 · 2 Comments

R is home from the hospital and doing as well as can be expected.  He is pretty much house bound and hurting enough that he hasn’t complained.  He is managing to walk around the house a good bit though.  I am very glad not to be making the hour and a half drive to the city every day.

I am trying to keep up with all of my chores plus R’s chores.  I can’t do it all but I am making a pretty good stab at it.  I made it out into the garden today and oh my gosh!!!  It has gone wild over the last 5 days.  I picked half a row of lima beans and got 2 gallons.  Then I picked two gallons of tomatoes.  There will be more by Sunday.  I still have another full row of lima beans and all of the peppers to pick.

I figure that I will have 15 – 20 Green peppers and another 2 gallons of lima beans.  Then there are the chili and jalapeno peppers that need picking.  Believe me, I am not complaining.  We should easily have enough vegetables to see us through the winter and into the spring.  The big freezer is almost full and I am going to have to start using the two smaller freezers.

I am going to try Marci’s suggestion of freezing the tomatoes whole and unpeeled.  She puts hers in a paper bag and then blanches and peels them as she needs them.  Hopefully they will work just as well in a plastic grocery bag.  I should have much more time to blanch and peel them as I need them than I do right now.

Over the next week, I need to get the fall greens planted.  I am planting turnip and collard greens.  I am also going to plant some more cabbage, lettuce and spinach plants.  These will pretty much round out the vegetables for the winter.

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  • 1 VegBox Clara // Aug 29, 2009 at 6:05 am

    Sending warm wishes for R. You are sounding a bit like a super-woman … I hope you have people around to help!

  • 2 Cindy // Aug 29, 2009 at 7:12 am

    Clara, I am no super woman believe me. There is a lot that is slipping through the cracks but I am getting the important things. R’s son lives next door so he is mowing grass and that is a huge help. Thanks for the good wishes.

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