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5 Ways to Have Homegrown Vegetables without a Garden

April 5th, 2012 · No Comments

Fresh Garden Tomatoes

Fresh Garden Tomatoes

There is so much in the news about commercial vegetables making people sick;  listeria in cantelopes, salmonella and e coli in lettuce, etc.  Most grocery store vegetables are shipped in from all over the world.  They are grown in factory farms, picked early so they can survive shipping and then processed in factorys for shipping.  Is it any wonder that buying local and growing your own is becoming more popular?

No one who has ever bit into a fresh homegrown tomato can deny the advantages of growing your own vegetables.  However, I often talk to people who long to have fresh, homegrown vegetables and fruit but don’t have room or time to have a garden.  The following is a short list of ways that you can have local, homegrown vegetables without the room or time to have a garden.

5 Ways To Have Homegrown Vegetables without a Garden

  1. Find a Community Garden.  Even if you live in the city, there is a good chance that there is a community garden near you.  Community gardens are any plot of land that is gardened by a group of people.  You help out with planting, weeding, cultivating and/or harvesting and you then get to share in the produce.  You can find a nearby community garden here. If you can’t find one, consider starting one.
  2. Find a Faith Based Community Garden or start one . Faith based gardens are started by a church or faith based group.  They are often right on the church property and can feed both body and soul.  There is a great sense of peace and well being created when you nuture the earth.
  3. Pick Your Own Pick your own farms are a great way to buy and preserve fruits and vegetables.  In a few hours you can pick your own fruits and vegetables.  Even though we have room for a garden, there are some things like Strawberries that I prefer to pick at a local PYO farm. Many farms have PYO corn, tomatoes, berries.  Find one near you here.
  4. Find Fresh Produce at a Farmers Market. Most cities and towns have a Farmers Market.  This is a place where local farmers come to market their produce.  If you just have no time to garden, it might be the answer for you.  The markets are usually open one or two days a week.  You can find all kinds of vegetables, fruit, dairy products at the market.  You can find a local Farmers Market here.
  5. Food Cooperatives Perhaps the easiest way to have fresh produce in your fridge is to join a farm cooperative.  These are formed by farmers who sell shares in their produce.  You buy one share or more and you then get a package delivered on a regular basis that contains fresh vegetables, fruits or whatever produce that the farm raises.  You get the benefit of a fresh produce with none of the time and labor involved, however, be prepared to pay for the convenience.  You can find a food cooperative here.
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